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Poetry For Now! – The Writing Project

Poetry For Now!

Poetry For Now is our second writing project encouraging stanza led, poetic, musical forms of expression, of capturing the more subtle challenges of working or living in this world. The first project was The Pandemic as Systemic Flux Writing Project which ran between May 2020 – May 2021. We need systemic people to speak to us from across transdisciplinary communities […]

Poetry For Now!

Share your poems or stanza writing about relational changes and their unfolding consequences across human and non-human systems Why Now? We are in critical times. We need new ways of responding – reflecting – speaking out. This writing project is a space for us systemic practitioners systemic thinkers to find ways of speaking about our experiences of documenting our noticings […]


By Maria Norseth Garli . . . In the beginning of the first of the pandemic years, I stumbled into a crisis. An identity crisis, an existential crisis, a crisis in my marriage, in my motherhood, in my body and soul, a crisis that reached its first peak at the initial lockdown here in Norway, which was in March of […]

Gift of feedback via video link

By Dawn Thibert . . . Heads bobbing in disconnected squares Waiting for the show to begin Some faces, some names, some pictures Passive on mute Dropping out Are you still there? Voting with presence Silent discontent Secretly grinning When words make sense Electronic fugue straining, reaching through Speaking into space Distorted voice How do words land? Denied subtle gestures […]

The power of context(s)

. . . by Chiara Santin I love the Italian Alps and the calm lakes where I was born; I missed them, but I now experience nature as beautiful and comforting everywhere. I have been searching for a deeper connection with nature in the UK during this pandemic. I got to know the natural tracks and beautiful spots in nature […]