Poetry For Now!

Poetry For Now is our second writing project encouraging stanza led, poetic, musical forms of expression, of capturing the more subtle challenges of working or living in this world. The first project was The Pandemic as Systemic Flux Writing Project which ran between May 2020 – May 2021. We need systemic people to speak to us from across transdisciplinary communities […]

Poetry For Now!

Share your poems or stanza writing about relational changes and their unfolding consequences across human and non-human systems Why Now? We are in critical times. We need new ways of responding – reflecting – speaking out. This writing project is a space for us systemic practitioners systemic thinkers to find ways of speaking about our experiences of documenting our noticings […]

Goodbye and Farewell

The PoetryForNow! Writing Project hosted by Murmurations: Journal of Trasnformative Systemic Practice has now run its course and it’s time to end. Thank you all for your contributions, your comments and your overall support. Please, look out for the announcement of future creative plans in Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice! Until then, keep writing from the heart! The Editorial […]

Batesons sang – Bateson’s song

By Andreas Breden . . .   Batesons sang Bateson’s song   Som en gylden fugl blant blodsultne gribber hakkende på menneskekjøtt klienter, pasienter, brukere, deltakere Like a Golden bird amidst bloodhungry vultures slashing human flesh clients, patients, users, participants Ingen har navn og systemene har bare tre bokstaver som ingen andre forstår kun Kafka Nobody got names and the […]

Holding pattern

By Beverley Barnett-Jones and Tim Fisher . . .     Two friends, Beverley Barnett-Jones MBE and Tim Fisher co-authors of this piece, we spun words into a hexagonal web, shared back and forth during the last 18 months. Patterns of Hope and real talk. Deep listening, holding in difficult times, ongoing journeys of intersectionality, and the emergence of Hope’s […]

Moving Air

By Maria Norseth Garli . . .   There is an instant impulse from the surroundings to the eyeball to the mouth to the hairs on the skin Air is being moved by bodies by words by moving hearts touched by a strong sensation caused by the many shades of colour in the street lights Air is being moved in […]

Soon Enough

By Gabriel Bonsu-Amako . . .   It’s in our system. It’s in our infrastructure. Equality are wheels of change and racism is a puncture It seems like now, is histories most pertinent juncture. Whether to turn our back to change or pursue with the idea of equality It’s deeper than a statement or a policy It’s deeper than a […]