Pandemic Archive


By Jenn McKinney . . .

We have entered a second wave.
That’s what the airwaves say.
It has entered us.
This wave is gathering strength.
Intense waves of emotions grow.
When will this tide turn?
Soundwaves announce a conspiracy.
“Let’s carry on with ‘normality’.”
Or “Protect! Stay in!”
Waves of grief for those who’ve lost
Rise and fall in intensity.
Try to stay afloat!
Let’s aim to ride this eagre eagerly.
With waves of compassion
Listen, care, connect
To all around – people, places, things.
The mattering of matter waves
Could help save our Earth.
Then while we’re on that wave’s crest
Remember energy created it.
Create a New Wave.
Turn the tide, curb the swell.
Then when those old waves subside
There can still be hope.

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