Pandemic Archive

Covid-inner conversations

By Irene Cronin . . .

To the therapeutic encounter I now bring

Uncertainty, with an almighty ring,

Fears and anxieties, I never knew,

Old wounds, forgotten, somehow grew.

Layers unfolding daily,

And all the different interpretations, really!

Are you not getting it? I hear myself say,

A distance, much more than two meters away.

What’s at hand? Our social GGRRAAACCEESS?

Could this explain our different paces?

Curiosity starts creeping in,

As I try to make sense of all this din.

I am very aware that my safe base,

Has shifted to an unfamiliar place,

And it is from here I am joining with families,

Through a screen, could this be a series of calamities?

But what I am finding are many positions,

Engagements that require a range of revisions,

There are problems, restraints, possibilities, resources,

Literature, guidance and online courses.

But nothing replaces asking the family their views,

If they had a choice what would they choose?