Pandemic Archive

Gift of feedback via video link

By Dawn Thibert . . .

Heads bobbing in disconnected squares

Waiting for the show to begin

Some faces, some names, some pictures

Passive on mute

Dropping out

Are you still there?

Voting with presence

Silent discontent

Secretly grinning

When words make sense

Electronic fugue

straining, reaching through

Speaking into space

Distorted voice

How do words land?

Denied subtle gestures

the body gives away

Carry on regardless

not noticing

I’m not sharing my screen!

My red face

Distracted by home life

invaded by work

Intense concentration

creative and spontaneous

as well as well planned

Private reactions

far away breakouts

No buzz or hubbub

no sense of what’s being said

offerings received

What a relief

Volunteers emerge

Spontaneous questioning

Challenge, debate

Glad to account

Feedback offered

Hypotheses abound

Learning is happening

We can connect

Despite this cold medium

Warmth gets through

Stirred in emotion

Don’t know by who

At least I can say I learnt something today

(I wrote this poem on my experience as a tutor for the reflecting session at the end of the first term of intermediate systemic training via video link. We had decided to focus the reflections on giving and receiving gifts, presence/presents.)