Poetry For Now!

Poetry For Now is our second writing project encouraging stanza led, poetic, musical forms of expression, of capturing the more subtle challenges of working or living in this world. The first project was The Pandemic as Systemic Flux Writing Project which ran between May 2020 – May 2021.

We need

systemic people to speak to us

from across transdisciplinary communities

to join different perspectives

and create new connections.

We need

writings from the heart,

from kitchen table to train

from top floor flat to windowless office.

We all

have tales to share

about people – our work -our lives -our many different selves.

How time has changed.

How numbers have become meaningless

and shocking in the same


We are trained to notice.

We are schooled in finding ways

of speaking

to things

things often

so slippery

so prickly

so shapechanging

that our sentences


refuse to run smoothly

So many things

cannot be spoken in paragraphs.


let’s face it…

no-one speak in prose anyway.