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The Launch

By Nana Bonsu and Marilena Karamatsouki . . .

Listen, folks!
Relationally attuned people
It’s quiet now
But you have a stirring from the heart
The Poetry Project begins!
Relational Movements is your nudge
You have a something to offer
Convey what you wish to
Your poems need to find a home
Bring your poetry as you have something to say
As the words swirl, move and gingerly create
Bring your authentic self
For others to read
For others to be inspired
For others to be moved
Because poetry is writing from the heart
So put your heart on paper
To capture Relational Movements

1 thought on “The Launch

    • I dream of going back
      to hold you where you fell
      when you were small

      eyes dart,
      rictus grin.
      locks and switches

      waving a flag, they look away
      too scared to say
      what’s this please stop
      No longer

      I dream of writing
      a letter
      which you heard.

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