Poetry For Now Archive

Soon Enough

By Gabriel Bonsu-Amako . . .


It’s in our system. It’s in our infrastructure.

Equality are wheels of change and racism is a puncture

It seems like now, is histories most pertinent juncture.

Whether to turn our back to change or pursue with the idea of equality

It’s deeper than a statement or a policy

It’s deeper than a blathering politician full of hypocrisy.

It’s a society where those who are white and ethnic minorities live in concord

It’s a change to a mentality when you hear that hate crimes soared

The price of societal change is something that we can’t currently afford

It’s a change to the idea that racist language is something to laud

We want a diverse society, yet our education is flawed.

Students don’t know Britain’s black history

My ancestry is still something of a mystery

Because they locked my past in chains of inferiority

Morals went out of the window and money took priority.

Race is the reason why some black people are stuck in a cycle of jail, another one chucked in solitary.

The higher up the class system, black people are in the minority and its white people predominantly

Who cast away talented black people with race playing a part ever so prominently?

I’m sick of seeing black footballers being racially abused

Those being claimed innocent are the ones being accused

I want to see equality on the streets and prejudice becoming a recluse.

I want to stop hearing my grandma say there’s no hope for the future

Racists are students that are in desperate need of a tutor.

They’re in need of dire re-education

Soon enough the passengers of the train of racism will get off at this station

Soon enough when people kneel there won’t be an awkward hesitation

Soon enough the work we do will be met with a firm admiration

Soon enough the people of black Britain’s past will be talked of with adulation.

Soon enough slavery will not be the only ring that ties black and white in a hateful marriage

Soon enough we will all encourage rather than disparage

Soon enough they will know of our great past African Kingdoms rather than brand our people as savage.

Soon enough black, brown, white faces will come together as a community

Soon enough people will pay the price of racism instead of being given immunity

Soon enough we’ll topple the government who are conservative about this matter. We’ll start a mutiny.

We’ll start a change. A revolution. An uprising.

So that when a black footballer goes on social media, to see abuse is surprising.