Poetry For Now Archive

Moving Air

By Maria Norseth Garli . . .


There is an instant impulse from the surroundings to the eyeball

to the mouth

to the hairs on the skin

Air is being moved by bodies by words

by moving hearts

touched by a strong sensation caused by the many shades of colour in the street lights

Air is being moved in rhythm with the pulse of the earth

We share time

we share the beats

I can see clearly now

the different truths that embrace us

Each one has its own flavour sound surface

textures weaving in and out of past and present and what is to come

I pray tomorrow will be good


I pray for breath and time to sit still and observe the moving images

the altering timbres

the fluctuating something that I can not name

I pray for a meeting that will change our course of actions and thinking

our collective being


I do not know how to pray


So I whisper our poem instead


Do you remember?


Do you recall our poem, the one that saved us?


The melody was soft


dark in pitch but light in sonor

It made the gods press pause as it played us out

dribbled us

we didn’t see it coming

The time loop caught up and made our connection glow


It almost killed us


A numbing vail swayed before our eyes

Everything turned pink

we ran out of ink – I escaped

And I reached my old song

caught up with myself and my melody

I caught up with the world and her beautiful melody of history


playful and hopeful

And I am being moved by air

by moving hearts

by healing minds

by fishing rods and hiking shoes and blisters and open eyes


I taught myself to pray

So that’s what I’ll do

To whom or what I do not know




The blue part of the rainbow

To 5 year old me

I just listen to the music

And I pray


I pray