Soon Enough

By Gabriel Bonsu-Amako . . .   It’s in our system. It’s in our infrastructure. Equality are wheels of change and racism is a puncture It seems like now, is histories most pertinent juncture. Whether to turn our back to change or pursue with the idea of equality It’s deeper than a statement or a policy It’s deeper than a […]

The Launch

By Nana Bonsu and Marilena Karamatsouki . . . Listen, folks! Relationally attuned people It’s quiet now But you have a stirring from the heart The Poetry Project begins! Relational Movements is your nudge You have a something to offer Convey what you wish to Your poems need to find a home Bring your poetry as you have something to say […]

The power of context(s)

. . . by Chiara Santin I love the Italian Alps and the calm lakes where I was born; I missed them, but I now experience nature as beautiful and comforting everywhere. I have been searching for a deeper connection with nature in the UK during this pandemic. I got to know the natural tracks and beautiful spots in nature […]