Pandemia to Pandemia

A video by Andrea G Artz with commentary by Liz Day . . . I met Andrea in February 2021 – on Zoom of course, not in real life. I had almost got to see some of her Virtual Reality (VR) work in the summer of 2019 (The Forest of Query) but illness intervened. I knew about Andrea from a […]

The power of context(s)

. . . by Chiara Santin I love the Italian Alps and the calm lakes where I was born; I missed them, but I now experience nature as beautiful and comforting everywhere. I have been searching for a deeper connection with nature in the UK during this pandemic. I got to know the natural tracks and beautiful spots in nature […]

What Nature Made Me Understand

By Andreas Breden . . . Looking out across my hometown in mid Norway when the SARS-CoV-2 appeared I found the information about the virus and the situation presented by different sources difficult to grasp. I have at several points looked back and tried to understand my process of living with the virus without really having succeeded with that. I […]

Art Cards

By Morna McDermott McNulty . . . Statement about the artwork These collages (each 4” x 6”) were made our of paper, magazine images, and original photographs taken by the artist and transformed into “art cards.” I made these “art cards” during the second week of quarantine as a way to cope with the stress of the unknown future for […]