I Wait

By Rukiya Jemmott . . . Corona virus, corona virus, corona virus You cannot see it, or hear it or feel it, And then it has you, it holds you, it hugs you, it crushes you. My sister is dying. I wait I wait I wait I am a key worker, I must work, and help my families and I […]

Lockdown Mass

By Paul Hibbert, University of St Andrews . . . Kyrie Between a moment unpursued,And an end that comes at last:Alone in empty longing, shatteredDays of sorrow will not pass. Kyrie, Kyrie Eleison And the bones that you have brokenIn these times will not rejoice.Chosen one, your tortured storyFinds each day another’s voice. Kyrie, Kyrie Eleison Futile, futile, repetitionDrags a […]

Kinship: A poem

By Leah Salter . . . Submerged in the struggle to go on and on An earth’s-crust-deep echo of us Of community Grounds my flight Transforming anxious movement to soulful steadiness From which we may flow In readiness In fellowship with everything that lives And has lived We are simultaneously who we are Who we have been And who we […]

Absent friends in shared landscapes …

By Lorna Edwards . . . I walk our shared paths without you, marvelling at the number of seasons we have shared. Now, the bluebells of Beltane cover the earth. I think of you and I know you are thinking of me. We notice budding oak leaf, bramble and fern, birdsong, tadpole and butterfly. The landscape is vibrant with life. […]

Chaos, Fear, Conspiracy and Uncertainty

By Freda McEwen . . . Chaos, fear, conspiracy and uncertainty  The overwhelming chill of the unknown   The fear of being attacked by the unknown  The evidence overtook common sense  The speculation, secrets, suspicions  were more evidential than the evidence  Impossible to reason with reason as there is no reason  People held at ransom  Imprisoned by safety  and forced to […]

Cocooned 20 20

By Michael McCarthy, Dublin . . . Two weeks in As the storm of micro cosmic entities hits The shores of our consciousness As a surge of feeling free From what I don’t know Makes me feel an excitement Not felt since childhood summer holidays Nothing to do And all day to do it A pandora box of unshackled imaginings […]