Freedom – Love

By Elaine Grech . . .   Butterfly: “I am a butterfly, kneaded with your hands. I fly from one flower to another Spreading colour and joy… I live in the moment taking in the beautiful smells and soothing textures. Don’t try to catch me as freedom is my dance and love is my mission” Me: “I stand still holding […]

In my safe place

By Elaine Grech . . .   In my safe place I am surrounded by trees. My bare feet are caressed by the soft foliage. The scents of lavender, roses and oranges transport me to this peaceful, blissful space. I look up and seek the dancing clouds playing with the sky. I lean in, hugging the strong tree… The tree […]

The Launch

By Nana Bonsu and Marilena Karamatsouki . . . Listen, folks! Relationally attuned people It’s quiet now But you have a stirring from the heart The Poetry Project begins! Relational Movements is your nudge You have a something to offer Convey what you wish to Your poems need to find a home Bring your poetry as you have something to say […]


…by Jenn McKinney   Inter-sections -the word makes it seem so clean cut That parts of me merge at clean angles To form the whole, like a road with directions Signposting my whiteness, my femininity, Religion, class, ability, identity. But I have these unseen parts, invisible even to me That hide behind the thickets of my life. And in those […]