Covid Politics

By Jasmine T. Chin . . . Illustration by Hayley Clarke . . . Knock knock “Who’s there?” Covid politics “Covid politics?…What? Who?” Ha! You’ll see… Oi you! Citizen! “Yes Covid Politics?” It’s your duty, not ours to save lives To hide lies Whatever your circumstances. You will clap to run the country Into a ground swell of positivity Heroism […]

Siobhan Potter . . . …Poetry lacks the capacity to be cavalier and pass by It’s a drive by, connected to landscape in service to its collision potential The drive by shooting of the pandemic cyclist His spit weaponised, collides with bludgeon a word I never utter But I saw this and I thought of you and not in a […]

Easter. My Special Earrings

By Chiara Santin . . . I love jewellery. Inexpensive second-hand jewellery which I can carefully match with my daily outfit. They live in my bedroom in different pots according to colour. After carefully considering who I am going to meet, in which context, and what I am doing, I decide how to dress for the day. Then I chose […]

Our Windows Looking Out Into Our Small Worlds

By Chiara Santin . . . It is strange to look out from my windows and realise that I can only see a tiny fraction of the world. Yet this is what I can now get to know so closely. It’s pretty much the same everyday, and yet I can start noticing small changes, little differences and previously unnoticed details. […]

The Voices of Uncertainty

By Priyanka Savita . . . Illustration by Aparajita Shrivastava It’s everywhere, it whispers in my earsIt’s unsettling it’s eerie it’s uncannyI don’t want this ‘new normal’ to stayDespair is holding my hand but I want to break freeThese are difficult times. It never leaves me alone the voices of uncertainty enters the room to accompany meThey are everywhere. They […]

The Invisible Hitchhiker

By Julia Jude . . . The invisible assailant Closed our Schools Workplace Universities Shops Places of worship Crushed movements As countries rushed to close their borders Catchy slogans cooked up by spin doctors Poured on to our screen Stay at home and protect the NHS Stay and home and self-isolate Stay at home and shield the vulnerable Stay at […]