Roots and Shoots

By Anokh Goodman . . .   *Context Preface* : Momentary oscillations, words within worlds, imprints left; temporarily on the heart…   The sanctuary lost within Cavities where flames dwell doused by their shadow Rusty fingerprints varnished by the safe ascent Fractures reality marks cracks in the pavement Concrete connections with light piercing through Small shoots pierce the fabric of […]

Freedom – Love

By Elaine Grech . . .   Butterfly: “I am a butterfly, kneaded with your hands. I fly from one flower to another Spreading colour and joy… I live in the moment taking in the beautiful smells and soothing textures. Don’t try to catch me as freedom is my dance and love is my mission” Me: “I stand still holding […]

In my safe place

By Elaine Grech . . .   In my safe place I am surrounded by trees. My bare feet are caressed by the soft foliage. The scents of lavender, roses and oranges transport me to this peaceful, blissful space. I look up and seek the dancing clouds playing with the sky. I lean in, hugging the strong tree… The tree […]