Lockdown Mass

By Paul Hibbert, University of St Andrews . . . Kyrie Between a moment unpursued,And an end that comes at last:Alone in empty longing, shatteredDays of sorrow will not pass. Kyrie, Kyrie Eleison And the bones that you have brokenIn these times will not rejoice.Chosen one, your tortured storyFinds each day another’s voice. Kyrie, Kyrie Eleison Futile, futile, repetitionDrags a […]

A Gift in the Wind

By Jenn McKinney . . . It was a month into lockdown when the brown papered parcel came in the post.  As I unwrapped the package I grew more and more puzzled, firstly due to the soft feel of the contents and then by the vivid colours that began to emerge as I unpeeled the paper, small pieces of material […]

Kinship: A poem

By Leah Salter . . . Submerged in the struggle to go on and on An earth’s-crust-deep echo of us Of community Grounds my flight Transforming anxious movement to soulful steadiness From which we may flow In readiness In fellowship with everything that lives And has lived We are simultaneously who we are Who we have been And who we […]

The Little Stone Bird: After The Fire

By Leah Salter . . . I have been thinking recently about storytelling and creative writing groups I facilitate and take part in with women who have been referred by (and are surviving) secondary care mental health services, in my work within the NHS in Wales. I have written about these groups previously (Salter and Newkirk, 2019). They are an […]