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The Voices of Uncertainty

By Priyanka Savita . . .

Illustration by Aparajita Shrivastava

It’s everywhere, it whispers in my ears
It’s unsettling it’s eerie it’s uncanny
I don’t want this ‘new normal’ to stay
Despair is holding my hand but I want to break free
These are difficult times. It never leaves me alone the voices of uncertainty enters the room to accompany me
They are everywhere. They do not want to go away
The voices of uncertainty troubles me everyday

A hug, a kiss perhaps holding hand
I want to feel love again
Mother, I want to touch you but the invisible enemy is still around
Those glimmering eyes calls me every day, I just want to fly away
Will it ever go away? I question in despair
As I battle my inner prohibitions, the voices are getting strong
I clap and kneel in solidarity, I hope that one day the voices of uncertainty will go away
Hope is all we got, but this hope demands a lot; it demand peace within
My search of tranquillity is excruciating and I want to fray it away
The voices of uncertainty troubles me every day

I look outside the window and gaze
The clouds are coming. It’s getting dull and grey
Or maybe not, It’s just that’s how I feel everyday
Mother, I noticed fine lines on your face today
When did that happen; I am scared
‘You will lose loved ones’, he said
I am petrified
For now, I just can pray everyday
The voices of uncertainty troubles me every day…..


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