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Easter. My Special Earrings

By Chiara Santin . . .

I love jewellery. Inexpensive second-hand jewellery which I can carefully match with my daily outfit. They live in my bedroom in different pots according to colour. After carefully considering who I am going to meet, in which context, and what I am doing, I decide how to dress for the day. Then I chose the jewellery to wear. Every day without failing.

This is before the Corona Virus took over our lives.
I now wear home clothes all the time, even if I am working online with clients. Every day I am picking up the same clothes without too much thinking. It is quite liberating. My choice is mainly based on the temperature at home and being warm and comfortable.

I have been wearing the same pair of earrings for the whole time of the lock down. To my surprise one day I even forgot to wear them. It has happened a few times during lock down. I was even more surprised that I would not even notice there was something missing until later on in the day.

On Easter Day I decided to wear a different pair of earrings. It took a while to decide which pair. I was not sure what I was matching them with. It felt like a new experience, similar to when I wore earrings for the first time as a child.

I went for some spring colourful flower earrings. It felt special. It felt like a different day. Easter Day at home.

My beautiful clothes are hidden in the wardrobe and my countless jewellery happily staying in their pots. Maybe for a while longer, maybe for everā€¦..

Everything seems superfluous except what I can make special, every day.