Poetry For Now Archive

Roots and Shoots

By Anokh Goodman . . .


*Context Preface* : Momentary oscillations, words within worlds, imprints left; temporarily on the heart…


The sanctuary lost within

Cavities where flames dwell doused by their shadow

Rusty fingerprints varnished by the safe ascent

Fractures reality marks cracks in the pavement

Concrete connections with light piercing through

Small shoots pierce the fabric of self

Chaotic tumbleweed drifting through epochs

An ancient whisper trudged through the snowstorm

Lost within the untamed, creased page

Incarcerated trees

Serrated words thrown from 10th story buildings

Burnt cinder, burnt tongues

Loving roots grown in fields of fire

Rich tapestries within the rhythm of smoke

A path emerges when not looking

The sanctuary unearthed from within.