Chaos, Fear, Conspiracy and Uncertainty

By Freda McEwen . . . Chaos, fear, conspiracy and uncertainty  The overwhelming chill of the unknown   The fear of being attacked by the unknown  The evidence overtook common sense  The speculation, secrets, suspicions  were more evidential than the evidence  Impossible to reason with reason as there is no reason  People held at ransom  Imprisoned by safety  and forced to […]

This Is Not Normal

By Gaby Charing . . . I already have my death booked. After living for seven years with bowel cancer, I’m no longer having treatment. An end-of-life care package is a phone call away. I’m just stopped at the lights. Death doesn’t frighten me. I’m past all that. You, by contrast, weren’t expecting this. Yes, anyone can be cut down […]

Cocooned 20 20

By Michael McCarthy, Dublin . . . Two weeks in As the storm of micro cosmic entities hits The shores of our consciousness As a surge of feeling free From what I don’t know Makes me feel an excitement Not felt since childhood summer holidays Nothing to do And all day to do it A pandora box of unshackled imaginings […]