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The myth of power is powerful

By Hugh Palmer . . .


Power is a word from physical sciences

Energy and forces that can be measured and quantified


A wise man said that power does not exist in relationships

That it is a myth (that most of us believe)


But the myth of power is powerful;

Bigger is best, more is better


And the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

Thousands are sick and thousands have died


Destruction of eco-systems for resources

To make stuff that will get chucked away


Fires and floods protest the changing climate

Drought and worse may follow on


Refugees flee war, oppression and poverty

And the British band plays on as migrants drown


Capitalism, patriarchy, colonisation,

The othering of humans and other creatures, too.


Necropolitics and sado-populism

Feed polarisation and structural violence


Hubris instead of humility

Intolerance instead of acceptance


Greed and stupidity

Is killing us


I can see what is wrong

But have no power


So I’ll continue to scream

Silently, into the void.


Photo credit: Hugh Palmer, The power of kindness